The Artists is a paid professional development programme offering personal, practical and creative support to artists through a two week retreat.
The programme is a collaboration between
ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company and iii.

 Editions of the programme have seen visits and support from:

ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company (ZooNation) Founder Kate Prince
Musical Director DJ Walde
Artistic Gremlins Founder and former ZooNation Youth Company Member Liam Francis
Flight Mode Method Founder Rachel Kay

Nominations are made by industry changemakers and artists are invited to apply.
The programme culminates in a sharing of ideas for a small, invited audience of peers and industry figures.

iii and ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company intend to continue The Artists, by providing ongoing support and performance platforms for current Artists to present their work, as well as new opportunities for future Artists in new editions of the programme.


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Wednesday June 7 2023