The programme is split into the three titular strands as follows:


- improv, choreography and discussion as ways to discover, delve and enquire.


- ways to generate material for efficiency, maximum performative effect, personal gratification – and the difference between them all.


- the business, reflection and projection.

We shoot a visual at the end of the programme,
using tools explored during the week.

iii had its pilot early 2017 and has gone on to seven full (at least a day per strand) editions in London and two in Asia (China and Singapore) since, alongside numerous taster and ‘refresh’ versions. The programme has made space for over 250 students, from teens & students to full time professionals, across various dance styles/creative disciplines.

The programme has been supported by breakthrough initiative Artists4Artists (One Dance UK People’s Choice Award nominee), Impact Dance, Redbridge Drama Centre, casting agency Sillis Movement and Studio Wayne McGregor.

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Wednesday June 7 2023